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*The market analyzer is not a crystal ball that will magically give you a list of stocks that are guaranteed to go up the next day.  The reason we use this or any other search mechanism is that there are over 3500 stocks on the ASX. It is physically impossible to eyeball all or even a fraction of these each night. The purpose of the analyzer is to generate a list of stocks that have made interesting chart patterns or meet certain criteria.  The analyzer is there to generate a list of stocks that merit further research or closer monitoring.
*We will be using the terms buy signal and sell signal through out this manual and it is important that these terms are properly defined.
*A buy or sell signal simply means that the criteria we are scanning for has been met and nothing more. While we have nominally assigned these as theoretically positive or negative for the stock or instrument in question, they do not necessarily predict the future price action of that stock.
*Although a signal has been labeled buy or sell it may not be positive or negative for the stock on a stand alone basis.
*The analyzer is about looking for combinations of many individual signals holistically giving us an insight into the stocks behavior and pattern